Book contract, the Netherlands and plans ahead

A quick project update:

I conducted fieldwork in the Netherlands in December, specifically I held a focus group discussion with rehabilitation sexologists and people from the disability movements. It was not easy to get hold of disabled representatives as it seems most organisations do not currently prioritise sexual rights advocacy. Nevertheless, it was an interesting discussion that illuminated the specific Dutch context. I will write a blogpost about my preliminary findings soon!
My plans for fieldwork in Sydney, Australia are almost ready! I will be there in the first half of March and interview different types of organisations working with sexuality and disability. In the second half of March I will be in Melbourne and work with professor Russell Shuttleworth, who has done similar work as me. I will also visit some disability rights organisations.
I have just signed a book contract with Routledge to publish a monograph on the results of this project + parts of my previous research on similar issues in Sweden! The book will be published in the Interdisciplinary Disability Studies series.